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Hello Beautiful People!

I hope all is well with everyone in this awesome community! So grateful to everyone who is taking this ride with me. Thanks for hanging in and all the contributions you have made! It is my greatest desire to provide information that may save you or your loved one’s pain along the way to healing.

The next IV therapy to cover is Thiamine (Vitamin B-1 cocarboxylase 1gr) and I received 3 doses. As described, surprisingly by as an effective treatment in reducing cancer cell proliferation. Always amazed when something that isn’t high dollar proves “safe and effective” by the funding bureaucrats.

It is difficult to say what IV’s worked for me. Because of the amount of different therapies given, I could really only tell if something was draining my life force at the moment. This one was unremarkable, so I don’t have any input other than to say that it was part of the protocol which eventually paid great dividends!

An abundance of grace, peace, and love to you all,