God is my sherpa as we trek through cancer

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  Hello Beautiful People! As always, thank you for continuing to hang with me on this really weird and strange journey! Knowing there is a community of loving people traveling the road with us is very comforting. We also appreciate the continued support through...

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Thiamine IV

Hello Beautiful People! I hope all is well with everyone in this awesome community! So grateful to everyone who is taking this ride with me. Thanks for hanging in and all the contributions you have made! It is my greatest desire to provide information that may save...

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the nk cd56+ cell vaccine

Hello Beautiful People! Thank you for joining us in this journey! We hope there is value for you in the information being presented and truly appreciate the continued support through prayer and financial contributions! Our community is AWESOME and we love you dearly....

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Tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte

Hello Beautiful People! I hope all is well with everyone! We are so appreciative to our community and continuously thank you and God for showing us how supported we are. You’re the best! Next up in the immunotherapy’s column, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes vaccine....

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Oral TCM Spray

Hello Beautiful People! I hope all is well with you and your families! We are constantly blessed and full of gratitude for our community, you all, who continue to support us through your prayers and financial support. You have no idea how encouraging and healing it is...

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Intravenous TCM

Hello Beautiful People! I hope all is well with everyone! As always, we are so appreciative of all the support we are receiving from our beloved community. The prayers, the thoughts, and the continued financial support. We love you and thank you all! In the next...

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Rectal Ozone insufflation

Hello Beautiful People, I hope all is well and an abundance of grace, love, and peace is following you around like a happy puppy dog! Thank you again for all you support! Next up in the treatment protocols, my least favorite, for sure, the rectal ozone insufflation...

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Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy

Hello Beautiful People! A little pause in the posting due to excellent healing opportunities in many different areas. I am grateful for the faithfulness of God and how He gently leads me back to where true healing lives. I spent last weekend with my loving mom and we...

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