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The deep healing this world needs begins within us.

During my career, I have treated thousands of patients struggling with pain in their bodies, minds, or spirits. They are searching for healing, yearning for change, or simply trying to find peace. They want a deeper connection. A longing to reconnect with their true nature – a remembrance of their personal light and spirit.

They seek “enlightenment.” A cultivation of conscious awareness and a desire to regain a part of themselves which they perceive has been lost.

Their light and spirit have not been lost. They’ve merely been forgotten.

Now, more than ever, we need to connect with this light

As children, we all had a sparkly radiance, a natural exuberance.  Pure joy, love, and wondering awe are the very essence of “kids being kids.” But what is it in life that causes our sparkly light to go out?

We often succumb to life’s pressures,  trudging through daily life, getting through our to-do’s, dimming our internal lights and dampening our joy.

As our light dims, we disconnect further from our True Selves , and it becomes harder to trust our inner compass and to find clarity and peace.

Stepping into our own light brings us back to our True selves. The more we embrace our own sparkle, the more we strengthen the collective and stimulate healing and balance in the world.

This sparkling light is our true essence – it is what guides us through the dark, clearly illuminating our path, and igniting new possibilities.

Real Life Awakening is Practical Enlightenment for People of ALL Ages

Many feel that this inner light is something they must work tirelessly for years to achieve. People spend infinite amounts of energy and money finding their way back to it; buying any self-help book or tool that promises to give them the answer to finding peace and happiness. They cannot imagine how it would feel to access calm, clarity, and peace WHILE moving through the realities of life.

Believe it or not, inner wisdom can happen right alongside our messy lives. It can happen in the midst of chaos, while the kids are melting down and the world feels like it is falling apart…

Real Life for Children

As parents, we strive to teach our children skills they’ll need to successfully manage life: securing a good job, taking care of a home, and managing the expectations of adulthood.

  • Are we teaching them how to handle the pain, emotional upheaval, and uncertainties of life?
  • Have they learned to cultivate authenticity and to trust their inner compass?

These are foundational skills required for fostering confidence, discernment, resiliency and for retaining exuberance and excitement for life and its possibilities.

We believe children who integrate the skills of Real Life Awakening will retain their REAL essence: their sparkle and excitement for life.  They’ll become happy, joyful, self-actualized adults, capable of managing life’s inevitable complications while radiating their light and sharing their gifts with the world.

Many parents admit feeling inept at helping their children through crises to reclaim their joy.

We empower YOU to empower your kids. And by doing so, you reclaim your own light, expand your radiance, and increase your joy, confidence, and purpose….

We are here to help.

Let’s Get Real, Together.