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Real Life Awakening

for Parents

We wish we could spare our children from pain…

Unfortunately, there is pain in life. Although we try our best as parents to limit, shield, and protect our children, it is inevitable that they will have to learn to deal with pain and stress for themselves.

Dealing with pain and stress, developing self-regulation, conscious awareness, and emotional intelligence are life skills. The ‘programs’ that we use to navigate the world are developed in our childhood. Although we are grown – ups, we may still be reacting in ways that no longer serve us but aren’t sure how to shift.

We just want our kids to be healthy and happy…

How many adults do you know are truly happy? That are living the lives they thought they would? That feel satisfied, fulfilled, and are living authentically?

It often feels challenging just to successfully “Adult,” let alone achieve some ideal perfection. We compare ourselves to others and believe that those who seem to have it all together must possess something we do not.

Even people who know they are amazing parents, find themselves occasionally wondering:

  • Am I the only one who ever feels this way?
  • Is there any hope for this situation?
  • How do other parents do this?
  • Am I ruining my kid?

Let’s get REAL …

Parenting is hard, and there are times when we just lose our $#@%!

Sometimes we act in ways that we regret; wondering if we just scarred our kids for life and how much their future therapy will cost…

As much as we want to be patient and calm, there are times we just aren’t!

EVERY parent has had less than stellar moments they wish they could undo or take back. It is horrible to feel that you are the source of your kid’s pain, or to see their light go out and know that you are part of the reason why.

I have worked with thousands of families and have the sacred privilege of hearing parents share the multitude of mistakes they beat themselves up for. It is common for parents  to feel scared or guilty, or to be stuck in cycles of stress. Many  feel they have sacrificed their own joy and sense of self to raise productive human beings. And often feel that they are inept or incapable – failing at something on a regular basis.

Emotions make many people uncomfortable, and most of us don’t have reliable strategies to manage them.  How can we possibly teach our kids if we don’t feel we can do it for ourselves?

The good news is we can! And it is easier than you think.

REAL LIFE AWAKENING  isn’t about having it all figured out. It’s about learning how to show up in a curious and connected way that gives us the freedom to react less and respond more. Imagine being able to quickly access peace and clarity while moving through the realities of life.

Actually, it takes the burden off of you of “doing it right” or fixing the problem. Because it is about guiding your kids back to their center, developing their abilities to self-discover and navigate life with integrity and alignment of their body, mind, and spirit.

And in the process, you will deepen your own abilities to do the same…

I am here to help you transform Real Messy Moments into Magical Opportunities for learning and growing together- raising happier,  healthier, resilient kids,  while increasing your own joy.

You will also:

  • Connect deeply to one another and your true selves
  • Feel resourced to help them handle anything life throws their way – school, work, bullies, even loss or death… all of the pain associated with growing up
  • Heal core issues and diminish sources of pain, stress, and dis-ease in your body and in your life

By experiencing REAL Life Awakening, you will help yourself and your loved ones:

  • Learn to feel free and expansive, accessing who and how you truly want to Be.
  • Free yourself from painful patterns that continue to create stress, cause pain, etc. in your life.
  • Improve your Brain neuro-plasticity and help your kids develop healthy self-regulation.
  • Literally change your cellular structure to shift your genetic makeup to align with positive possibilities, ease, and well-being.
  • Establish healthy subconscious programs that can be used the rest of your lives, laying the foundation for your brain, and wiring it for happiness & success.
  • Learn how to REALLY have resilience, handle anything that life hands you, because you are confident and empowered in knowing and entrusting your authentic self.

Our mission is to help today’s children learn to  navigate the stress of our world in a REAL way. So that they are both competent and empowered to handle the ups and downs of life with a solid foundation that allows them to return to peace, connection, and freedom with greater ease… even amidst pain.

And together, we can heal and shift the balance of the world.

This is bigger than just you or your kids. Changes you make literally change your body on a cellular level, impacting future generations of your family by breaking cycles of dysfunction.

Right now the world is focused on dis-ease, people struggling through life, depression, anxiety, and being stuck in fear.

By empowering ourselves to shine our lights brightly…

perhaps we can stop the spiral of darkness, chaos, and disconnection that is being experienced across the globe.

It is my hope that if we teach our kids to effectively handle any type of stress that they encounter – whether it is Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual – they can keep their sparkle as adults. They will be happy, joyful, successful, self-actualized adults radiating their light and sharing their gifts in this world.

The world will be a much happier, more vibrant, less violent place.

And even if it’s not, our kids will be better equipped to handle it.

Real life awakening is Practical Enlightenment for People of all Ages