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Hello Beautiful People!

I hope all is well with you and your families! We are constantly blessed and full of gratitude for our community, you all, who continue to support us through your prayers and financial support. You have no idea how encouraging and healing it is to have you on our team!

Next up in the immunotherapy’s column is the oral TCM spray. Obviously, the TCM approach has the same focus whether intravenous or otherwise, and the oral spray was utilized every day. First thing in the morning, at 7am, I would report to the clinic, have six sprays of TCM in my mouth, have vitals taken and usually do some kind of ozone treatment. All before breakfast.

My understanding of using the TCM spray every day was to keep the levels of TCM high to maintain the immune system, etc. So, not much more to explain here, but I would encourage you to research further to see if this would assist your or your loved one’s recovery.  Research, research, research! Even if the information is conflicting, research will give you a plethora of questions to ask your physician and advocate for yourself.

An abundance of grace, peace, and love to you all!