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Hello Beautiful People!

A little pause in the posting due to excellent healing opportunities in many different areas. I am grateful for the faithfulness of God and how He gently leads me back to where true healing lives. I spent last weekend with my loving mom and we took another step towards generational healing. It was incredible and I am blessed. Thanks MOM!

Next up in the treatment protocols arena I received at Sanoviv is Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy (5 treatments). Google’s general explanation is as follows:

“Ozone Autohemotherapy (Minor and Major) has powerful healing capabilities as well as anti-inflammatory effects within the body. It also increases energy, circulation, eases pain in certain injuries, and overall boosts the immune system which helps in a patient’s overall health.”

The method used in this particular treatment was to extract blood from me, infuse it with ozone, and inject it back into me. I think everyone’s reaction to ozone is different, but it seemed to drain the life out of me every time I had the treatment. So, I ask the question, is it the detoxifying effect of the ozone or is it just not for me?

In speaking with other people, the reactions to the treatment varied. Some people felt invigorated by the treatment and others had the same response as me. I chose to continue these treatments even though my initial response was adverse.

Once again, choice is the key word. Advocating for yourself, asking questions, and communicating your needs is the key to owning your healing process. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT! Do not allow anyone to make you second guess what your intuition is telling you.

Thank you again for all the support and prayers! Our family is so grateful for all of you and pray that you be filled with an abundance of grace, peace, and love!