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Hello Beautiful People!

Thank you for continuing to follow us on this journey. We are so grateful to the community for all the support and love. 

While I had hoped to begin disseminating this information earlier, my plans and God’s timing are very rarely the same!

This first document lists all of the treatments that I received at Sanoviv. My intention is to list a couple of references about each specific treatment to give a broad idea of why they are utilized. I would suggest that if any of these protocols grab your attention, follow the trail, and dig into your own research.

As I have stated before, Sanoviv does not just treat cancer. Their clinic addresses a broad spectrum of chronic conditions as well as general wellness conditioning. If you are dealing with something specific and have had less than satisfactory results utilizing conventional approaches, I encourage you to be curious and go a little deeper into research. Your health is your responsibility and there will never be a better advocate for you than you!

An abundance of peace, love, and joy to you and your families!

With so much love for all of you,