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Hello Beautiful People!

I hope all is well with everyone! As always, we are so appreciative of all the support we are receiving from our beloved community. The prayers, the thoughts, and the continued financial support. We love you and thank you all!

In the next segment of treatment protocols, immunotherapies.  The explanation of these therapies is definitely out of my range of comprehension, but I will do my best. First up, intravenous TCM (low molecular weight leukocyte-based immune modulator).

 According to Google:

What is TCM injection?

  • The development of TCM injections is considered to be a great achievement of TCM modernization. A TCM injection is a sterile preparation made with one or more purified extract of Chinese herbal drugs that is injected into the human body as a solution, emulsion, powder, or concentrated solution that is made into a solution before application
  • Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy delivers vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and efficacy. This delivery method is especially important to cancer patients because the treatments leave patients prone to dehydration.


I received so many intravenous therapies every day, it is difficult to discern what made a difference and what did not. However, due to the results I gained over the three-week period, it was obviously the combination of all the approaches. As always though, if you are having an adverse reaction, speak up an advocate for your own health!

An abundance of grace, love, and peace to you all!