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Hello Beautiful People!

I hope your day is going well and thank you for spending a few minutes with me today! I am honored. Always a big thank you to the community for your continued thoughts, prayers, and financial contributions. I am continuously blown away by the generosity of God’s people for the provision. Thank you.

The last item on the IV menu is Carboplatin, of which I was given two 600mg doses. Carboplatin is the chemotherapy drug I was infused with while receiving the whole body hyperthermic treatment. The following article:

gives a good explanation of the treatment.

I’ve spoken about my experience with both chemotherapy and radiation using the counterbalance of hyperthermic treatments. I HAD NO SIDE EFFECTS. We have been indoctrinated to believe that suffering has to be a part of these treatments, but that is an absolute lie. No sugar coating here.

Remember, the chemotherapy business in the US alone is a 400 billion dollar a year business. That fact alone should help you recognize that your or your family’s well being is not the main focus of these pharma producers. Please, research, research, research, advocate, advocate, advocate!

The chemo and radiation treatment were necessary for me due to this inoperable condition. So, I am thankful for their availability, but I will not accept that suffering has to be a part of the protocol. Just a bit of research led me to these counterbalances, and I hope this helps you on your journey as well.

Thank you again for following me and I will see you soon!

An abundance of grace, peace, and love to you,