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Hello Beautiful People!

As always, thank you for continuing to hang with me on this really weird and strange journey! Knowing there is a community of loving people traveling the road with us is very comforting. We also appreciate the continued support through prayer and financial contributions. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

The next therapy under the IV category is Ca-EDTA IV (chelation) with a dosage of 1.5gr. and I received 3 doses. This application was given after my last chemo treatment as well as after having eight mercury fillings removed. The chelation clears any residual toxins that may be left behind after these treatments.

While it was difficult to tell, there were no adverse or positive reactions to measure the effectiveness of the treatments which in itself makes it a positive experience, in my opinion. The following article on:

gives a good overall explanation of the why and how of using chelation therapy.

Research, research, research! The medical establishment in the West has had a monopoly on keeping people in the dark about healthcare for 100 years. The establishment has indoctrinated you to believe that they know more about your body than you do. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!

Your body is sacred and the more you know how to protect it, the more empowered your healing experience will be. God loves you and wants the best for you all the time. Ask humbly for guidance and He will show you the way!

An abundance of grace, peace, and love to you,