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Hello Beautiful People!

I hope all is well and this information helps you continue your learning journey! We are, as always, extremely grateful for our community for the continued prayers, financial contributions, and all the other well wishes. More than you know, these acts of service from you are carrying us through this journey by the grace and love of GOD.

The next treatment I received on the list of IV therapies was 2 doses (120mg) of Atesunate. According to:,such%20as%20High%20Dose%20IVC

 Artemisinin is a substance derived from the plant known as artemisia annua, also known as wormwood or sweet sagewort. Artesunate has been found to be helpful for Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases and chronic infections. It is most beneficial when done in conjunction with additional cancer therapies, such as High Dose IVC.

How does artemisinin work against cancer?

The artemisinin compound¬†takes advantage of cancer cell’s high iron levels. Artemisinin is highly toxic in the presence of iron, but harmless otherwise. Cancer cells need a lot of iron to maintain the rapid division necessary for tumor growth.


The following abstract from:

Gives a wink and a nod to the repurposing of approved drugs for treatment of cancer. So, at least that is hopeful. There are quite a few studies listed on this abstract that are helpful. Please review them for a better understanding of the repurposed drug.

Remember, the more you know, the more powerful your protection for yourself and those you love!

An abundance of grace, peace, and love to all of you,