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Hello Beautiful People!

Thank you again for following this journey. We are thankful to each and every one of you for the prayers, financial contributions, and moral support you have provided. We remain humbled by our community’s response and thank God for His continued provision, direction, and grace.

While I have spoken about these two treatment protocols ad nauseum, I believe these counterbalance protocols helped me more than anything. Instead of the chemo and radiation treatments breaking me down physically, I had no side effects. As a result, not having to struggle through unnecessary side effects, my body had much more energy to utilize and effectively metabolize the other treatments.

How many of you have seen people struggling with the intense side effects of radiation and chemo? Probably everyone reading this, and I know now, not only is the suffering unnecessary, but these counterbalance treatments should be widely available and covered by insurance. Exactly why is some bureaucratic agency blocking availability of these counterbalance treatments when they have been used successfully in other countries for years? I’ll let you decide……. Chemotherapy alone is a $400 billion dollar a year business, what would happen if you reduced those numbers by significantly reducing the number of treatments needed?

The whole-body hyperthermia was used to help counterbalance the effects of chemotherapy. I was given two doses of Carboplatin 600mg during two separate sessions of receiving the whole-body hyperthermia. The sessions were spaced a week apart and I was adamant that the chemotherapy was IV fed during the whole-body session. I was told that the vendor for the Carboplatin could never guarantee when the Carboplatin would arrive, so Sanoviv could not guarantee that it could be applied during the treatment but would work the same if applied before or after.

This explanation did not work for me as it was explained that the intensity of heat and oxygen while receiving the drip is what concentrates the chemo to the mutated cells. I told the doctor that I needed for them to wait until they received the Carboplatin, then schedule the whole-body treatment. By advocating for what I needed, the doctor honored my request and made sure to schedule only when everything was ready. ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE for yourself!

I did three Whole-body hyperthermia sessions, the first one was without a chemo treatment to experience the effects and the second two were used to assist the chemo drip. I had absolutely no adverse side effects and felt great after each session.  However, when I returned home from Sanoviv, I was given a chemo pill called Skemca (500mg) and directed to take 6 a day for a two-week period. I was directed to take a week rest and resume another two-week protocol and so on.

During the first two-week course, I experienced fatigue so extreme that I would function for about an hour and then have to rest for three hours. My hair began falling out and I was having difficulty functioning efficiently. That experience was all the evidence I needed to know that chemo without counterbalance is a waste of time. I started the second two-week course and quickly stopped after I started experiencing the extreme fatigue and lymphedema in my legs.

Currently, I am using a portable infrared sauna and an oxygen generator daily at home to enhance the heat and oxygen in my system. Time will tell if these two approaches help, but since cells mutated by cancer do not like oxygen or heat, I do not believe it will deter healing. I’ll keep you informed of how it seems to be working.

Before each radiation session, I received two 30-minute treatments of Regional Hyperthermia. I had Five sessions of Radiotherapy (5 sessions holocranial & 5 sessions left iliac bone) 20Gy in 5 fractions. The Regional Hyperthermia treatments were focused for thirty minutes on my head and thirty minutes on the tumor in my right lung. The right lung is where they believe the metastasis began.

The Radiologist told me I would lose my hair, so I shaved it, but I experienced no hair loss during the radiation treatments and my hair actually began growing back. Once again, the counterbalance measures, in my opinion, worked perfectly. Below are links to the information on the Sanoviv webpage about Whole body Hyperthermic and another company that explains the Regional Hyperthermia equipment as well as applications. I randomly looked up the Regional Hyperthermia site so while I cannot personally vouch for the company the information is accurate to my knowledge. The therapies were developed and have been in use since the 1960’s.,to%20produce%20heat%20within%20the%20area%20being%20treated.


Attached below is a copy of a letter I sent to the Florida Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, to ask about a meeting to discuss these treatment options and why they are not openly promoted:

November 27, 2022

Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo

Department of Medicine, Administration P.O. Box 100277

University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL, 32610

(352) 265-0655

Dear Dr. Ladapo,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I would like to thank you first of all for preserving our health freedom in Florida. As a parent, I owe you and Governor DeSantis a huge debt of gratitude for especially protecting our children.

The main emphasis of my letter is to bring your attention to an important health matter. Three months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4b adenocarcinoma and began a very interesting healing journey. I have held a Florida State Massage Therapy License for 26 years with specialties in all types of manual therapies and a focus on Craniosacral Therapy.

Following God’s direction, I have chosen to utilize both conventional and alternative methods of treatment. To begin treatment, I attended a three-week program at a US Functional Medicine Clinic called Sanoviv, located in Rosarita, Mexico, approximately 45 minutes south of San Diego. While at Sanoviv, I received 12-14 hours of treatments a day all tailored to my specific genetic needs.

As a result of the number of tumors in my body, surgery is not an option, and I chose to follow the direction of my physicians at Sanoviv and pursue immune, chemo, and radiation therapies. Using tested protocols during and before the conventional treatments, I experienced no side effects that normally plague those receiving the therapies. In order to counterbalance the harsh side effects of chemo and radiation, a method called hyperthermic treatments was used.

Two types of hyperthermic treatments were used: 1) whole body hyperthermic treatment while receiving the chemo drip. 2) regional hyperthermic treatment on the areas where I was to receive radiation treatments.

During the whole body hyperthermic treatment my body was heated to 104 degrees for 80 minutes while the chemo drip was applied. Cancer cells do not like heat or oxygen, and I was given oxygen during the process as well. Heating the whole body allows the chemo to be absorbed by the cancer cells as opposed to spreading in other areas of the body.

I experienced no hair loss, no fatigue, no nausea, etc. By treating the areas of the body before the conventional approaches, the inflammatory response of the body was not activated by excess chemicals/ radiation floating around and wreaking havoc.

Upon returning home from Sanoviv, I was directed by my physicians to use a chemo pill for two-week cycles, resting for a week between courses. As I started the chemo protocol, I began experiencing extreme fatigue and hair loss. After I finished the first two-week round of chemo I took the week break and the side effects began to dissipate.

Recognizing the harsh effects of chemo without the hyperthermic counterbalance measures, I was hesitant to continue the second course. I decided to continue the second course but discontinued the course after the side effects started again in addition to having the beginning stages of lymphedema in my legs. The pain and mental anguish were not worth any value the chemo could have provided my body.

I believe by not openly providing these alternative options to public, the government, or other bureaucratic agencies, are causing unnecessary suffering to cancer patients. It certainly doesn’t require many steps to connect the fact that the chemo business in the US is a 400 billion dollar a year business. Why would anyone want to disrupt that income stream?

Treating patients is an assembly line in the US. Patients are not even genetically tested to see if the chemo treatment being used on them is effective and as a result can cause long-lasting side effects. Several of my clients who have dealt with cancer report that they even felt bullied to utilize the treatment course they believe works.

My goal is to begin a dialogue without blame or finger pointing. I would request an audience with your office to present information and ideas to rectify this wrong that is being perpetrated on the people of this great state and nation. Paradigms are shifting, and I believe we can create a whole new vision of what true healthcare really represents. Would you be willing to give me 30 minutes of your time and consideration to change our future capabilities in assisting the sick?

With warmest regards,

 Kevin Rose