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 About Me

My “Big Why” is simple….

I want my daughter to keep her “Sparkle” – for her to grow up knowing and trusting her own inner light as the compass for guiding her through life.

I want her to always remember that the sparkle and radiance she embodies as a child is her authentic nature – which is there for her to come back to, no matter how dark life may get.

And I want this for the children in your life, too.

Robyn Rose Bio Photo

Once I became a mom, my desire to help heal pain in the world took on a whole new meaning.

My passion to help make this world a better place for my daughter to grow up in has sparked me to create a continuum of REAL LIFE Resources to help people of all ages empower themselves and their well-being.

My hope is to help kids build a solid foundation. To stay connected to their inner light while simultaneously learning how to handle the emotional ups and downs of life. To feel confident  navigating REAL life struggles in embodied and empowered ways that promote self-actualization. To cultivate conscious awareness, learn discernment, and build resilience while preserving their inherent wonder, awe, and joy!

And while recognizing that most parents struggle with this themselves, I want parents to feel supported in guiding their kids, by healing their own wounds and rediscovering themselves in the process. 

I know what it’s like.

Although we think we are unique and alone in our struggles, we are not. We all have the same ‘stuff,’  wrestle similar demons, and experience the pain of being human. Including me – I am no different than you… I know this stuff works, because I use it!                                                                           

My Journey…

I began my career as a Physical Therapist. Much of what I learned in the traditional realms was aimed at treating symptoms, not healing people. I KNEW there was more…

 In 1998, I took my first CranioSacral Therapy class, and my life changed forever.

It was immediately apparent, something was profoundly different about this approach. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is built upon a foundation of trust in the innate wisdom of our bodies, allowing this wisdom to guide the process of healing, aligning body, mind, and spirit, and restoring balance in the nervous system.

Rather than treating symptoms, therapists are trained to gently and non-invasively facilitate exploration of underlying root causes, releasing sources of trauma, breaking patterns of tension, and empowering patients in their own healing.

I was amazed at how quickly CST helped when feeling stressed or confused. Not only for those I treated, but for myself. Even amid crisis or chaos, CST enabled me to find clarity, regain calm, quiet my mind and body, and my life seemed to unfold with greater ease.

My body felt stronger, lighter, happier, and more expansive. I learned how inner peace felt, and began to appreciate the beauty and balance inherent in all aspects of life. I started to trust myself and became attuned to my intuition.

The most pivotal point in my life was being invited by Dr. John Upledger, founder and developer of CranioSacral therapy, to train and work directly with him at the World-renowned Upledger Institute.

Dr. Upledger was a pioneer in the field of mind /body medicine. People came to him from all over the globe seeking healing. Most had fallen through the cracks of traditional medicine, and were told they would just have to “live with” whatever ailed them.

Over and over, I was privileged to witness healing unfold: people breaking free from debilitating trauma, pain, and dis-ease, and transforming their health and their lives in ways they never thought possible.

Working for years in a group intensive setting, I also had the unique opportunity to observe how each person’s process played a part in another’s healing. I repeatedly witnessed the beauty of collective healing, and learned to ‘trust the process.’  Ingraining my own knowledge that there is a divine force working through and with us at all times, even when we are unable to see it for ourselves.

CranioSacral was the catalyst that shifted my paradigm of healing and of life, knowing what is possible when we connect to and trust our innate wisdom to guide us.

As a Diplomate Certified CST practitioner, I have mentored and presented in the realms of CranioSacral Therapy.  Additionally, I pursued certification in Somatic Psychology, training in Trauma therapies, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Sensory Integration, and other empowering techniques that promote alignment of mind, body, and spirit. I have volunteered as a grief facilitator at a center for grieving children, and have extensively explored and practiced yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and various Integrative holistic therapies.

In 2006, I established Intentional Wellness Center for CranioSacral and Integrative Therapies and continue to enjoy treating patients of all ages. I love empowering and educating people in their health and wellness to expand their insights and be open to possibilities.

Whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, pain is a call for re-alignment.

Healing  requires exploration of what is calling for re-alignment. All of our experiences are interpreted and stored within the layers of our physical being. These experiences subsequently form  subconscious beliefs, programs ,and patterns that influence  how we move through the world.

Trauma can only be healed through the body.

Together, we safely unravel the stories your body is holding, sifting through layers of accumulated patterns to help heal trauma and pain, allowing you to connect more deeply to your unique authentic self, re-ignite your spark, increase adaptability, access your light, and open possibilities for clarity, hope, peace, and joy!


Real Life Awakening is Practical Enlightenment for People of ALL Ages